Denim Review: Topshop Short Denim Dungarees

My denim review this week is on something different, a pair of short denim dungarees from Topshop. I’ve been a fan of the overalls/dungarees trend for a while and since it’s summer, the short versions are needed! I found these on the Topshop website a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with them. I ordered them in an instant and thought they were perfect!

I took a size UK 8 in these (US 4) and they fit all over with a slimmer feel to them. The models on Topshop wear the UK 10 as they like them looser, but I find them to look a little too 90’s and unflattering when they are baggy, which is why I prefer them tighter. In reference to sizing though, I’m pretty much a 27 in everything, so that’s equal to the UK 8 in these.

One of the best parts about these is the straps. They are shorter so you can have them quite tight and fitted, or really baggy and loose. I’ve found numerous other overalls that I have tried to have straps that are just too long, even on the shortest lengths, so they don’t have a tight enough tension, but these are perfect! The little cuff at the hem is also really sweet and adds a nice touch to them, so does the big pocket on the front, which I call the kangaroo pocket. I slot my phone in there and it’s really useful! They button up with 3-4 buttons on the left side (none on the right) and have two pockets on the front, two on the back. I’ve worn these three times already and am in love with them! They suit most things; espadrilles, heels or boots and go with t-shirts, vests or even blazers over the top to smarten them up.

In terms of the denim, Topshop denim is never the best quality as it’s quite cheap, but for the price, I think these are really nice. The back pockets are positioned quite high up, but I find them to not look out of place or be unflattering, so that’s a bonus. The wash is pretty too, I love the washed mid blue. It’s one of those great colours that goes with everything! This wash is currently sold out, but they have a darker indigo or a bleached blue available. I would definitely recommended these though! When you sit down they can be quite tight in the crotch area and pull up, but you just need to loosen the straps as with every pair of dungarees out there! The length isn’t too long or too short either, so I can’t really find any fault with these. Even the fabric is quite stretchy! Buy these online at Shopbop for ┬ú38.

Written by Lorna Burford