Denim for Vacations

For those of you that doubt your denim for vacation outfits, I’m here to change your mind. Yes denim can be a little heavier weight and better for those cooler months, but the light and airy denim pieces, such as Chambray, are perfect for your Summer fun. They’re light and breathable and will work with any other piece in your wardrobe.

(images via Harper’s Bazaar)

Here’s some denim that hit the runway for Resort 2014 (debuted last year, in stores this year) to give you some inspo for your denim vacation outfits. Although we’re well into Summer, the slouchy style is still very present and really fun to play around with. There’s also some great structured denim pieces and also fun ways to layer your denim as well.

Lastly, below are some DB picks for your vacay denim!

1. Mango Tencel Bermuda Shorts, Light Blue

2. Sleeveless Denim Shirt

3. Denim Headband

4. Pleated Skirt

5. Denim Tunic

6. Denim Dress

7. Denim Romper