Kylie Jenner in 3×1 W2 Wrap Zip Skinny Jeans in Onyx

Kylie Jenner and her sister Kendall were snapped while heading back to their hotel in New York City. Both wore similar outfits, Kendall wearing a pair of leather pants, while Kylie wore a pair of 3×1 W2 Wrap skinny jeans in Onyx.

The sisters both are fans of the brand, as we’ve seen Kendall out in one of my all time favorite pairs, the W3 Channel skinny before. The wrap style that Kylie is wearing is another interesting style, in that the seaming is curved from the back around to the front. I am sure we’ll see the sisters out in the brand again. I could see both of them trying out the Hopper rip repair boyfriend jeans or rolled shorts. Buy 3×1 online from

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