Denim Review: Paige Jane Ultra Zip Skinny Jeans in White

My denim review this week is on the Paige Jane Zip Ultra Skinny Jeans in White. It’s been a long while since I reviewed any white jeans and I actually don’t own many pairs. I think I have about 2 other pairs, with these making my collection stand at 3. So, make sure you read the rest of this review to find out my thoughts on these jeans.

The Jane is a cross between the Indio and the Verdugo fits from Paige, but they incorporate a long outerseam ankle zipper on each leg, giving a little more edge to the jean. They are really pretty and I always adore ankle zippers, especially when the jeans are cropped so the zippers lay flat against my legs, like these. There’s nothing I dislike more than bunched up zippers! Since I have shorter legs, these have a good chance of fitting most of you, just cropped on the taller ladies.

I took them in a size 27 and they do fit me true to size, as do most Paige jeans as I find her jeans very consistent. They are slightly loose from the knees down and I would personally prefer a tighter fit, but I think if I size down, that would fix that issue for me as they aren’t overly tight in the waist, just fitted, so to have a skin tight fit, I think a 26 would work. The rise is a great height, they do fit exactly the same as the Indio all over, even down to the back pockets, which are incredibly flattering and perfectly positioned as always. I can’t fault Paige for her attention to detail.

The white wash was designed with Trilogy (the boutique in London) as an exclusive to them and as white jeans go, these are perfect. I always have issues finding white jeans that aren’t see through and readily showing my underwear to whoever walks past, but these are not see through in the slightest. I’ve found that Paige knows a thing or two when it comes to lining her jeans, so these have a more thicker denim to them, with more structure and it means you can’t see through the jeans at all! You can wear whatever colour underwear you like and not worry about it! I think this is the main thing people look for when it comes to white jeans! So these definitely tick the wear-ability boxes for me.

These are super comfortable too, as are all Paige’s newer styles as they feature an amazing stretchy fabric, but it’s a lot sturdier so it holds its shape and fits well. This is something I am loving at the moment, a more thicker denim, yet one that maintains that comfort factor that a serious amount of stretch comes with. I wore these for quite a while and I wasn’t uncomfortable once! I’m really fussy when it comes to wearing jeans that are restricting and irritating, so I will always admit when a pair isn’t the most easy to wear, but these are good! White is always amazing for Summer too as it reflects heat and looks really fresh, so I can’t be without white denim.

The only negatives I found with these jeans were the slightly looser leg like I mentioned and possibly the fact that they are white, so any spills or stains are going to show in an instant. I always have to be extra careful with white jeans, but that’s usually common sense. Otherwise, they are really comfortable, have a flattering fit, look cool with all the zippers and have a durable fabric. The Jane also comes in a few other colours if white isn’t for you, you can buy them online at Trilogy.

Jeans courtesy of Trilogy London, opinions all my own (Lorna Burford‘s).


  1. Fantastic way to dress, Lorna!!
    But one question, the zippered pockets are useful? I mean for example if things like a coin or a ticket, fit in the zippered pockets?

  2. Hi, no they aren’t pockets, they are just for design. Nothing fits in there, there’s no pocket bags behind them, purely aesthetic. They are pretty jeans though!