Denim Review: HUDSON Sartor Slouchy Skinny Jeans in Black Raw

My next review is on a brand that I have never actually tried before, HUDSON. After trying my first pair from the brand, I could not have become a fan quicker. Since getting the pair a few weeks back, they have become just another pair that are now my go-tos. I know I pretty much say this about every pair I review, but when each new pair gets better after the other, it’s hard not to.

I took these in a size 29, which is my regular size in most men’s jeans and I would say that they are true to size. The fit is perfect when it comes to a very slim pair of men’s jeans. I have been searching for a pair of men’s that rival the slimness of Cheap Monday and I have found it and it is better. What makes these better than those Cheap Mondays is that the jeans contour the body better which makes them more comfortable.

Most jeans have been pretty straight cut on me, which is something I don’t mind on some days. I have just been looking for something slimmer and cleaner. These have a slight taper to them so that eliminates that issue and are a true skinny, but not a suffocating skinny. The legs of the jeans are long on me, which I expected as most men’s are. This issue is nothing a cuff couldn’t fix.

I took these in my favorite wash, their Black Raw. It’s a standard black wash that is clean and can be worn with anything. The material feels just like a classic denim, even though it’s not 100% denim, it feels like it and I love that about them.

Overall, I would say they are PERFECTION because they have something that I have been looking for in a men’s jeans. Clean cut, clean details and comfortable. All the things we all look for in a pair of jeans. I definitely suggest that every guy gets a pair, especially if you are on the more slimmer side like me. You can click here to purchase these jeans from the HUDSON website for $165.