Denim Review: Koral Los Angeles Skinny Jeans in 24 Months

This weeks denim review is on a pair of Koral Los Angeles Skinny Jeans in 24 Months, the same pair that Reese Witherspoon has. I had been looking for a pair of lighter blue washed jeans for ages and wasn’t coming across any that really suited my taste, so I found these on ASOS in the sale and thought I would give them a go. I’m incredibly glad that I did because these ended up being that perfect blue that I had been looking for for months! I can definitely see why Reese has been living in them.

I have been a fan of Koral from the start anyway, since I got one of their first jeans (Merlot skinnies) just after they launched, so I knew they had an amazing fit and that they paid such attention to detail. The fit of these is super skinny, all the way down, as you can see in the photos, but they are incredibly stretchy with a soft fabric so they feel like butter when you wear them. The rise is a low to mid rise which is pretty perfect in height for me and the back pockets are placed really nicely, as they are on all their jeans. They are really symmetrical, not too high, not too low, not too big or too small. They are very flattering. Plus, I love that little Koral tab on the hem of the leg!

The only thing I do find though is that the lighter the wash, the less flattering jeans become on the butt, but that’s nothing to do with these in particular, it’s a general statement, so to me these aren’t as flattering as their darker washes, but that’s purely because lighter colours make things look bigger. I took a size 27 in these and they fit me just fine, they have only stretched out the tiniest amount and I’ve worn them about 7 times already since I got them, so that’s amazing too!

Now onto the 24 Months wash, this wash is called 24 Months as it’s part of their aged collection which goes in terms of wear. 24 Months indicates the jeans look like a pair of jeans that are 2 years old; incredibly washed out and used. I’m glad these don’t have any rips or tears though as I was looking for a plain light blue pair, not a pair with distressing. I must have gone through trying about 5 pairs and weeks and weeks of searching online for a light blue, to no avail!

The blue is such a pretty shade in person though, it’s that perfect in-between shade of mid to light blue and the fading is in the perfect areas like the thighs, knees and lap with subtle whiskering. I think these might possibly be one of my favourite lighter blues now! I can’t sing their praises enough and I’m incredibly glad that I bought them, especially in the sale! I have way too many dark blues, so these definitely fill a void. You can still buy them in the sale for only ┬ú65!

Jeans purchased myself and opinions all my own (Lorna Burford’s).