What To Wear To SXSW

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an interactive music, technology, art and film festival set in Austin, TX. It happens every year in March and aside from covering everything you could ever want in a festival, it brings the fashion as well. SXSW has a relaxed, somewhat boho vibe about it and the fashion sense reflects it. Everyone’s comfortable and stylish with a predominant influence of the all American state the festival is held in and every outfit is welcome here. I like to think of SXSW fashion as one thing and one thing only, expressing who you are and what you’re about. Below are some examples from last year to get that creative, outfit wheel turning if you’re heading out to good ol’ Texas this week. Unfortunately, I won’t be making it out there this year, but I might take some of these examples and dress as if I was!

Grunge Goddess

This one’s for the 90’s grunge-loving girl that likes to make a statement. She’s there for the experience and inspiration but happens to look flawless at the same time. Her comfortable and effortless style gives off the vibe that she “woke up like this. Flawless.”

Preppy Chic

I picture this outfit for the sensible girl that’s there strictly for the festival in which her look isn’t her main focus. This outfit is something she can slip on and know that she looks good while being completely comfortable as she conquers the 9 day fest. It’s a little girly with some tomboy aspects creating a great balance (and outfit!).

Flower Child

This look is somewhat of an “amped up” flower child. Her jeans are ripped, her shades are on and her accessories are abundant. Her floral kimono tones down the look enough for her to still encompass that sweet, flower child essence. She’s clearly here for the music and has mapped out her whole week so that she can make every show.

(Images by Teen Vogue)