Paige Denim Introduces The Sierra Overall & Rikki Shortall

I recently found out that Paige has launched her take on the overalls trend!I was really excited when I heard this as I knew they would be adorable! I’m a huge fan of short overalls for Spring/Summer, so definitely check out the Rikki! If you prefer full length then the Sierra is for you! I think black is my favourite!

Inspired by flea market finds, Paige and her design team sought out to create a sexy take on the overall trend. It’s foundation is the jimmy jimmy silhouette, the famed boyfriend with with a relaxed yet tailored look, with subtle sexy touches to give it a more elevated feel.

The result is the Sierra Overall and Rikki Shortall, both featuring a narrow bib and extra long straps in the back for a slimming look. Never one to overlook the details, Paige even added a rounded V shape to the necklace for a feminine touch. Washes were inspired by both past and present yielding a perfect vintage blue and a crisp black hue.