Omar Epps + Striver’s Row Video – Life Is In The Details

In celebration of the new Striver’s Row spring collection, the brand has launched this digital short featuring actor, writer, and director Omar Epps. It’s called “Life Is In The Details” and the video showcases The Striver, a gentleman who perseveres through life’s obstacles in style and relishes in the details of their day-to-day life. As Omar says himself, “life is in the details, style accordingly.” You can read some of the press release below and watch the video above!

This is not the first time Striver’s Row has differentiated themselves with a unique twist on the lookbook via a short film. The Striver’s Row Holiday One Collection, released to select retailers this past November, utilized a video lookbook as well. The video, entitled “The Urban Cowboy,” featured an actual cowboy in a unique day-in-the-life piece showing his sophisticated yet functional style, juxtaposing the past with the present.

Named after a famous series of historic brownstones inHarlem, Striver’s Row draws inspiration from the bold choice to not to listen to conventional wisdom that directed people to follow the pack and lower quality to reduce price points. Striver’s Row has deconstructed the previous iteration of men’s lifestyle wear, clearing the way to express this brand in a never before seen fashion.

Featuring a design theme influenced by military and hunting, Striver’s Row highlights an array of apparel and accessories including denim, tops, mixed fabric wovens, carrier bags and outerwear including leather coats. Striver’s Row is priced at $160.00 – 340.00 USD for denim; $120 – 240.00 USD for knits and wovens; $740.00 – 1200.00 USD for outerwear and $500.00-800.00 USD for carrier bags.

Striver’s Row recently wrapped up successful showings at both New York and Las Vegas Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs and is available for purchase at select influencer stores and luxury boutiques in major cities. Locations include, but are not limited to, The Atrium in New York, Union in Los Angeles, Sir N Madame in Chicago, Wish in Atlanta, Brooklyn Circus in New York City, Nubian in Tokyo, Japan, Stadium in Tokyo, Japan, and Manhattans in Seoul, Korea and also online at their official website.