Levi’s RED Collection & RED NY Pop Up

Levi’s launched their RED NY pop up shop on February 3rd and it will be open for a month. The pop-up will be the only retailer of Levi’s new RED collection in the US. The concept behind the RED collection is to reinvent and create new aesthetics for the classic jean, each collection focusing on a theme. The collection is the first from the brand since 2007.

This season’s styles are deeply rooted in Levi’s history, particularly styles from the 1870s and 1880s. During this time, fits were looser and rounded, features that were meant to protect the body and be worn in a variety of climates. Wool and blanket linings were commonly found in jeans during this time, also a feature meant for functionality. The latest Red collection has drawn inspiration from both of these elements and incorporated them into the line.

The pop up shop is currently located in the Meatpacking District near the Levi’s store at 58-60 9th Ave. The collection will launch abroad and be sold in England, Europe, and Japan.