Denim Review: Dittos Jessica Legging in Deadly Nightshade Tie Dye

My review this week is on the Dittos Jessica Leggings in Deadly Nightshade Tie Dye. I got these just before Christmas, so have had them for a while, but I didn’t get the chance to review them until now.

I took these in a size 27 which is my usual jeans size in most brands, including Dittos, but in comparison to my other Dittos Jessica Leggings in Dirty Dog (click here to see), these seem to run a bit bigger. You can see they are a lot looser around the calves, knees and ankles, but they do fit me in the butt/hip area. I find this really weird actually. These also seem to have a slightly longer inseam to them. I’m not sure if they have altered the fit or if it’s to do with the fact that these are an Autumn/Winter style and they have used a bit of a thicker denim, but they definitely don’t fit as well, as you can see.

The wash on these is really cool though! It was what originally attracted me to the jeans in the first place. I’m a big fan of dark purple and burgundy, so these have a great base colour to them, but they have black streaks running all over them which almost gives them a shattered effect. It’s really interesting and definitely different! There are two shredded rips at each knee as you can see in the photos and they actually don’t hit me in the right place, they start below my knees, so I would say these jeans are better suited to someone with longer legs, I don’t think they suit those with shorter legs as much as they become a bit baggy in the lower leg area.

I’m beginning to think that these are looser around the knees and calves because of the distressed holes, they have opened the denim up a bit and because they are meant for longer legs, that’s why they don’t have such a good fit on me. Even though the wash on these is really cool, I definitely prefer the Dirty Dog version, they fit me a lot better and are really nice! In terms of the Dittos fit and fabric though, their back pockets are actually quite flattering and centered nicely, which is something I always look for. I think these are great on the butt! The fabric is soft and stretchy, but I’m worried it might lose its shape a little bit after a while. It’s definitely comfortable though and nice against the skin! For the price they are worth it in my opinion if you are taller! I do also recommend some of their other jeans too, they have some nice styles out!

Jeans courtesy of Dittos/Opinions all my own.