3 Ways to Wear the 3×1 Zip Wrap in Black Coated

For this week, I decided to choose the 3×1 Zip Wrap jeans in Black Coated. I always found this pair to be intriguing with the details. They are not just the average paneled jeans. The way they are strategically cut helps give a slimming effect and a bit of a sports vibe in my opinion. You can see the three looks that I came up with below.

I wanted to do one look that is very classic and there is nothing right now that speaks that more than a camel coat like this one by Rag & Bone. It is very clean and the shade is just perfect. I then chose a t shirt by Isabel Marant and some Ray-Ban sunglasses to keep everything simple because the Saint Laurent boots and jeans are huge statement pieces.

This one was inspired by that classic model-off-duty look, specifically Liu Wen. She has a great borrowed from the boyfriend vibe when it comes to her style, yet it still has a feminine sense to it. I chose a Yeezus t shirt for the very classic feel of the graphic on it. It stands out, but doesn’t take away from the jeans and Balenciaga boots. I then chose a jacket and beanie from Topshop to help bring the borrowed look all together.

After doing easier looks and looking at these jeans more, I got a very Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo feel. Which is the route I decided to go for with this look here. Both fashion houses have been believers in the turtleneck trend so there was no doubt pairing it with this one here by Stella McCartney. Another thing that both brands have been infatuated with the past season is plaid, like this coat from Topshop. I then finished the look off with a hat by Stella, then brought in that Philo signature of running shoes with a pair of New Balance sneakers that I made on the customizing section of their website.