The Green Jean – Recycled Plastic Bottle Jeans From Dirtball

There is a new Green Jean in town! Created by the eco-friendly, exclusively made-in-the-USA apparel brand Dirtball, these comfortable and creative jeans are made from cotton and around 8-10 recycled water bottles which have been re-purposed to create a high-quality cotton and polyester denim. How cool is that? When I first heard about this denim, I was thinking how can they turn plastic bottles into denim? But they have and it’s really inventive and amazing! They are the only jeans on the market that are both sustainably produced and made-in-the-USA.

Dirtball Founder Joe Fox launched his Kickstarter campaign to bring his eco-friendly jeans to the masses. Fox needed to raise $40,000 from backers and early adopters, and gave anyone the opportunity to become a part of bringing these jeans to the market by purchasing a pair on The Green Jean’s Kickstarter campaign page for just $85! The campaign was a success and they are now sold online! Not only do these jeans benefit the environment utilizing recycled materials and create jobs by producing the product entirely in the United States, but they look and feel just like a pair of regular denim. I think this is such a great idea to help save the earth and be eco-friendly! What do you think?

Written by Lorna Burford