LOOK BOOK: A.N.D Spring/Summer 2014

Here is the brand new A.N.D Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book. I got to see this new collection in London last month during their press day and it was really a step up from the previous one! A.N.D, as you know, are known for not using water in any of their jeans making process, so they have a really natural look and feel to them.

I was wondering how they could create different colours and effects on their denim without using water, but as it turns out, they did something really cool! They painted the colours on! The new collection reminds me a lot of Formula 1 with racing stripes on the jeans and jackets. It’s pretty inventive and fun! You can see the full collection in the gallery below and I will be posting photos from the press day soon!

Written by Lorna Burford