Best Jeans To Brighten Up Your Winter

Winter Florals

7 For All Mankind | Talulah | Mother Denim | Juicy Couture

I’m never the type of person to conform to a season, simply because I love wearing bright clothes. When it comes to winter, I’m not going to pack away my bright denim and opt for black and dark blue as my jean choices. I know a lot people tend to favour dark colours in the winter time as when I am out, it’s all I tend to see. Black and navy coats, black and indigo jeans etc. Instead of dressing gloomy and dark to match the weather, I tend to counteract it and opt for bright shades and prints instead. It really lifts your mood and makes you feel better, in my opinion anyway. If you are confident enough to do it, then you should! I always smile if I see someone with a bright pink coat in amongst all of the dark ones, it’s such a nice change!

In this post, I have listed 20 different jeans to brighten up your winter wardrobe! These include florals, metallics, abstract prints, subtle prints and of course, plain colours. I have also included some photos of myself in printed denim so you can get some styling tips for winter if you need them! Click this post to see everything!

Florals (in the photo above) are often thought as only a spring/summer print, however there is absolutely nothing stopping you from transitioning them into the colder months. If you pair them with burgundy, black or navy, they will look season appropriate and absolutely gorgeous! I would even recommend wearing the lighter floral jean on the right with a white oversized sweater and heels. The crisp white shade always feels wintery!

Metallic Denim

Wildfox | James Jeans | 7 For All Mankind | Wildfox

Metallic prints are always so much fun! They are quite a statement and definitely a strong jean, but when worn right, they look amazing! These types of prints always remind me of parties and new year, so they are perfect for winter and will make your outfit really stand out! You can dress them up really easily with a structured blazer and heels (the first 3 pairs are perfect for this) or you can dress them down a little bit with a leather jacket and flats (the 4th one would work for this). Do you like metallic jeans too?

Abstract Prints

RES Denim | Paige Denim | Frame Denim | Wildfox

Abstract prints are another bold, but wonderful option to brighten up your winter denim! I chose 2 options in black and white, to keep with the general dark colour scheme that people favour in winter, but I also chose a mustard and then a baby blue cloud print. The first three options will look amazing paired with black and burgundy pieces in your wardrobe, while the fourth will look great with white! You can wear any of these for day time looks, but I would say the first three are the pairs you can transition to night time.

Subtle Prints

Mother Denim | Textile Elizabeth & James | 7 For All Mankind | BLANK NYC

I’ve chosen a few subtle prints here as well, for those of you who don’t want to draw too much attention to your outfit. Camo print is really popular during any season, so it’s a versatile print that works dressed up or down, but I find it works best when paired with black or white! The subtle grey giraffe print is quirky enough to brighten up your outfit, but it’s not too bold. The same goes for the cracked foil print. Both of these liven things up, without being too much. The blue polka dot is a great option if you love wearing classic blue jeans, but just want that little something extra.

Coloured Denim

Goldsign | J Brand | Wildfox | Frankie B.

Finally, we have the colours. My favourite colours for winter when it comes to denim are usually reds, bold blues and mustards. I tend to lean towards burgundy a lot as it’s my favourite colour, but I know bright reds work too. I only listed 4 here, but there are so many to choose from! Coloured denim is widely available now, so take your pick! If you want to venture a bit further though, I recommend trying ombre. It can look really cool! Especially in the right colour combination, like the two I chose above.


My Outfits/Styling

Mustard, burgundy and black is a colour combination that I adore. I think it really screams autumn/winter time with the dark jewel tones, but it’s really bright and pretty to look at. I find having your accessories in a similar colour to the printed denim you choose, can really set things off, but it’s best to have another colour in there too, just to break things up a bit. That’s why I opted for a burgundy scarf over a yellow one.

This was more of an autumn outfit for me, however it works during winter too. You can pair floral pieces with darker shades like purple, red, brown, yellow etc and layer on some knits etc to keep you warm. Combinations and colours like this will really liven up your entire outfit and brighten up the day! Depending on where you live, you might want to opt for boots though. It does depend on what type of winter you experience.

I’ve worn metallic jeans in lots of ways, my most preferred being with black blazers and heels to make it smart, but I thought since that’s such a common combination, I would show you a dressed down look instead. Burgundy works perfectly with gold, but so does black! Metallic jeans are really easy to wear and you shouldn’t be afraid of them, they are a great way to wear denim to a party!

These were not winter outfits, but I wanted to share with you how I generally style black and white printed jeans or red printed jeans. You can take inspiration from these looks and transform them into winter too though. For example, instead of a burgundy blazer, you can choose a burgundy coat, or a black coat instead of a black blazer. For an alternative to the cream blazer, why not choose a cream sweater that’s thick and warm, or even a cardigan or coat. Again, it does depend on your climate, but there are ways to style everything for any season, especially winter!

– So, what printed jeans will you be brightening up your winter wardrobe with?

Written by Lorna Burford