Denim Review: Williamsburg Garment Co. Hope Street Jeans

I got sent these jeans by Williamsburg Garment Co. to review for the blog. What interested me about the company is their back story. Everything from the weaving of the denim to the construction is all made in America without sacrificing the quality. After learning more about the brand, I couldn’t have been more pleased to review a pair. Read more on the brand here and click through to read my review.

The style that I got sent was the Hope St style, which is their slimmest cut. I would say that the cut is down near perfect at the leg. It is a really slim cut that is not too slim. I would say they are a cross between a skinny and a straight-leg.

I took my usual men’s size, which is a 28, but I would say in comparison to my other raw jeans this pair runs on the smaller side. I could have gone up a size or two to wear them more comfortable without dealing with the stretch process. I am still able to move and sit normally in these, but I wouldn’t mind going up a size.

The material is 100 percent cotton, which justifies the slight uncomfortableness. It feels exactly what you would expect of a raw pair of jeans. They are stiff and raw and ready for you to break in. They will hold all the natural whiskering and honeycomb that we all look for. I have worn them for a week and they have started to get some minor hold already. These are a tad more lightweight than the others I have tried, like my old Good Society jeans and Nudies. Which would make them a great pair to wear throughout the year.

The wash is a classic raw. It is a deep indigo that can be worn with anything and more as you wear it down. It does bleed, so I suggest no light colors in the beginning and avoid getting wet in any way.

The details are really unique on these jeans and clean. The only noticeable detail is their coin pocket. It is not the usual coin pocket that we see all the time. It actually wraps around slightly and gives the brand a signature. Another signature detail which you would have to look a little closer to notice is the embedded “W” on the waistband. As you wear these the “W” will get more worn and add another element to the overall wear process. The company didn’t just stop with the details on the outside. Instead of a plain linen used as the sack for the pocket, they used one printed with the American Flag to show their pride of being made in America.

I would suggest these jeans to anyone who loves their raw denim or is interested in trying raw denim for the first time. If you are just getting into the game, I would suggest a size or two up as they do not have the stretch that many other brands have now. Plus the quality is really amazing and very affordable. You can click here to purchase Williamsburg Garment Co. from their website.