New Motorcycle Jeans by TEXTILE Elizabeth and James

TOMMY in Festival|TOMMY in Midnight|JETT in Midnight

TEXTILE Elizabeth and James is one of the brands that has constantly been pushing the boundaries when it comes to their styles. Whether it be the faded patching from their inaugural collection or the exposed chunky zippers that have become staple details each season. For the Fall 2013 season they have taken on two aesthetics that are new to the brand, leather and motorcycle.

Meet the new additions to the line, TOMMY and JETT (named after Tommy Lee and Joan Jett). Although they are named after some of the biggest rock stars and detailed with leather, these jeans are not just limited to being styled in edgy ways. They will work just as well with a tweed jacket as they do with a muscle tee. How would you style these jeans? Dressed up or dressed down?