Hologram Denim by Naked & Famous

Hologram denim has been done before, but not as well as these by Naked & Famous. Past pairs have lacked the iridescent luster and fantasy that these have. To achieve the effect, the denim was coated and hot stamped with reflective silver holographic foil that projects into a rainbow of colors when it hits the light. With a wash that has a life of its own, Naked & Famous kept the cuts classic to have the wash stand out.

Another great unnoticed detail about these is that the more you wear them, the coating starts to break down to reveal actual denim underneath to add depth to the jeans. Though these are men’s styles, I can see the women also being fans and pairing the jeans with black ankle boots or the jacket with a mid-length skirt. What are your thoughts on the hologram? Click here to purchase the jeans and jacket EXCLUSIVELY at Barneys.