Denim Review: Paige Edgemont Skinny Jeans in Aged Woodberry

This weeks denim review is on the Paige Edgemont skinny jeans in Aged Woodberry. You may remember my last review on the Edgemont cut, it was on the black and white striped version, so it’s nice to do another review on something entirely different, coated burgundy.

Those of you who know me will know that burgundy is one of my favourite shades when it comes to clothing. I own numerous burgundy jeans and wear them frequently. When I first saw these online I wasn’t entirely sure what shade of deep red they would be. They looked to be a little more brown than I was hoping for, but after seeing them in person, they are amazing! The colour is quite dark, it’s a bit like a maroon, but it has more of a brushed feel to it with the wax over the top. It’s slightly lighter in areas and darker in others. It’s very pretty. I wouldn’t say that it had brown undertones to it at all in person, it’s definitely more on the deep red with purple undertones side. Maybe a lot similar to a red wine perhaps.

The Edgemont fit is much like the famous Verdugo fit crossed with the Skyline, but it features 4 zips on the front, 2 on each hip. The placement of these zips is really well done because they are on a slight angle, which goes with the curve of the body. I think if they were placed completely horizontal then it wouldn’t look as flattering. It has a mid rise of around 8 inches and an inseam of about 30 inches. The leg opening on my size 27 is about 5 inches flat across as well, so you can see they are super skinny. In terms of a statement making jean, I think the Edgemont is my favourite from Paige, but if I want something more classic, I choose the Verdugo. These do run very true to size in terms of Paige jeans as well, my usual size is a 27 in pretty much all of her jeans and this is what I took in these. They were tight when I put them on, but they loosened up after a short while, so make sure you buy them really fitted.

One thing that’s always bothered me about coated jeans though is the wrinkled effect they have on the legs. The coating often makes the denim stiffer, so it’s definitely prone to folding on the legs as you can see. I wouldn’t say this was a complaint about the jeans though, this happens on every single pair of coated jeans I have ever tried, so it’s not really something that can be avoided. In terms of comfort though, these jeans are really easy to wear. I wore them for an evening on Friday and then all day on the Saturday and I wasn’t restricted or annoyed at all. They have a high stretch content to them so they are easy to move in. The only other issue I do have with coated jeans though is breath-ability. I wouldn’t say they offer much circulation of air at all since the coating covers up any of the gaps in the thread weaves. I find this to be ok if you wear them for maybe half a day, but after a full days wear it can start to get a bit annoying since the skin needs to breathe. But again, this is an issue with all coated jeans, not just these.

As far as looks go, these are definitely a gorgeous pair of burgundy jeans! I’m always a fan of Paige since I know her brand is so reliable and consistent when it comes to fit and flattering abilities. I can pretty much wear all of her jeans without any trouble! I will definitely be wearing these a lot more though. I’m glad I got to add these to my collection because I have quite a lot of burgundy jeans, in regular denim and coated, but I haven’t owned any with zips, so I’m very happy with these. If you are looking for a jean that’s perfect for Autumn and makes a statement in a subtle way, these could definitely be it for you! If you don’t mind the coating wrinkles and the lack of air free flowing, ha ha. You could size up to have a looser look though which would eliminate the wrinkling issue, but I don’t think they would look as flattering. What do you think of them? Buy these jeans online at for $289.

Jeans courtesy of Paige Denim, opinions all my own.
Written by Lorna Burford


  1. Fantastic way to dress, Lorna!!
    But one question, the zippered pockets are useful? I mean for example if things like a coin or a ticket, fit in the zippered pockets?