Denim Review: Genetic Denim Shya Jeans in Torch

This weeks denim review is on a pair of Genetic Denim Shya Skinny Jeans in Torch. I haven’t ever reviewed Genetic Denim before, but I do have a pair of their older jeans from about 3-4 years ago, and I did really like those. Back then, the brand was famous for having the DNA stitching up the side of the back pocket, but since then, they have toned it down quite a lot and it’s really minimal now, but still maintains the essence of the brand. I always thought Genetic Denim was so creative, I love the fact that they play on the words genes and jeans and actually have XX stitching on the front of the women’s jeans and XY on the guys, to symbolize the genetic make up of the male and female bodies. It’s really unique and so inventive, I just love brands with a story behind them!

I have always found myself to be a size 26 in Genetic Denim (my usual size is a 27), so that’s the size I took with this pair and they fit me perfectly. They were slightly tight at first, like most jeans, but after a little while they moulded to my shape and fit really well. The Shya is a low to mid rise ankle skinny jean that’s really flattering. The rise is about 8 inches and the inseam is about 28 inches, with a leg opening of just over 9 inches. I couldn’t have asked for these to be more perfect straight off the shelf, the inseam is the most perfect length for me as you can see and the fit all around is wonderful. Sometimes I get the issue of the waist being too tight if the thighs and calf area fits, these did give me a little bit of muffin top, but not much at all, they are really nice. The back pockets are also perfectly positioned to be symmetrical to each other and not too long or too wide to be un-flattering on the butt. They aren’t my all time favourite butt jeans, but they are definitely really nice.

Now to the Torch wash, that’s what attracted me to the jeans in the first place. I’m a huge fan of mid blue washes with distressing and these are really well done. The blue itself is really pretty, it’s definitely one of those blues that looks great on its own or worn casually and the distressing just adds to its personality. I was surprised that the knee holes actually hit me in pretty much the right place as well. The left leg rip could be slightly higher, but they are fine as they are. There are 5 distressed areas in total, as you can see from image 3 in the gallery below, they do look a bit randomly placed and not necessarily in the natural areas, but I’m not too worried about that since they look really pretty. The denim on these is really soft and light weight too. It’s a 98% cotton and 2% elastane blend, which is quite thin and light weight, so it’s incredibly comfortable and soft on the skin.

The wash on these, combined with the soft fabric and really nice fit, as well as the unique Genetic Denim trademark detailing, really makes these jeans lovely. I was trying to think of a negative for these, as I always list both the good and bad points, but I honestly can’t really think of any. Maybe one might be that the denim can be a little too thin so it’s not that great for winter, but that’s not really a negative. I definitely recommend these to anyone wanting to venture into Genetic Denim, they would be a great first choice! I actually love them a lot. Buy these jeans online at for $220.

Jeans courtesy of Genetic Denim, opinions all my own.
Written by Lorna Burford