Best Denim Halloween Costumes

I’m sure there’s a survey somewhere in the world that states that more than 50% of people wait until the week of, to get a Halloween costume. They’re usually scrambling, Halloween store hopping and internet searching, settling with a purchase of an overpriced, poor quality costume that they will never, ever wear againÔǪ or at least for 5 years until everyone can forget about it, just in time for you to bring it back out.

Whenever my friends come to me all out of options (and hope) I simply tell them to look in their closet. You wouldn’t really think to look there or you might be uninspired by your collection at the time, but there are TONS of options that you have right in your own home, saving you that little bit of extra dough. Believe it or not, denim is the base of a lot of costumes and it’s something we all have to work with. If you don’t have the type of denim that fits your outfit, head over to your local Goodwill and pick up a pair of $5 jeans to rip up and contour as you please. Now, let me give you one less thing to worry about this HalloweenÔǪ ON TO THE COSTUMES!

90s Grunge

This category is a broad one and you can be a specific character i.e. anyone from 90210, Saved by the Bell or Nirvana or you can simply be a good ol’ 90s grunge kid. You can incorporate denim into your costume in jacket form, mom jeans, a chambray top tied around the waist, or high waisted jean shorts. How to make it appear grunge? Wear a plaid piece (or two), dark lipstick for the ladies, combat boots and messy hair. You’re ready to rock out and be comfortable the whole night while doing it!



Being a nerd is a popular one and it’s easy to understand why, it’s so easy. In this photo the girl has a denim dress on which I think is a cute spin on the Nerd costume. Another option? Cropped skinnies with suspenders and glasses. You’ll be ready in 5 minutes with little to no money spent.



That’s right folks, bring out those JNCO’s that have been collecting dust in your closet because you’re going to be TLC for Halloween. White tee, baggy jeans, suspenders and crazy accessories have you set for your TLC costume with 2 of your besties. Fun, unique and rarely seen, this costume is a winner in my book. Feel free to choreograph some dances and memorize the words to “What About Your Friends” for random performances throughout the night.



Get ready to shredÔǪ your jeans! Depending on how creative and full out you want to get, you can simply wear a pair of ripped jeans you’ve bought in the past to complete your scary zombie costume or you can shred the life out of jeans you bought at Goodwill. Obviously the makeup is the main focus of the costume, so as long as that is on point you have freedom to take your costume as far as you want.



Peace Love and Bell Bottoms. For me, being a hippie is a fun one. There are so many different ways to dress up as a hippie with a lot of fun accessories. Face paint is a fun addition that a lot of people don’t take the extra step to do. Bell bottoms are a must for this one, but feel free to put on a denim shift dress with a fringe vest and a headband on.


The Ramones

If you have 3 friends that also don’t have a costume, The Ramones are a good (and easy) group costume. Tight jeans, tight white tees, leather jackets, black wigs and sunglassesÔǪ done. Aside from the wigs, all of the extras you can get at Goodwill (the go to). Bonus: walk around with someone playing “Rock and Roll High School” to amplify the vibe.



The wild wild west is where denim all began so why not pay homage to it by being a cowboy for Halloween. Wear your most worn out jeans (you can even distress a pair from Goodwill) and pair with a western style shirt, bandana and boots. If you want to really step it up you can get a hat and chaps, but people will understand without them as well. Ladies, don’t fret you can be a cute little cowgirl too! You can pair boots, a bandana and a western shirt (which you can also tie it at the waist for added cuteness) with a denim skirt, shorts, or jeans. Put your hair in cute pigtails or a side braid if you want to ditch the hat.



I don’t know about you, but a little part of me wants to dress as a punk on the daily, so Halloween is the perfect time to make my little dream come true. This one will take a little DIY-ing, but you can wear these pieces in your every day life after the holiday which will make it all worth while. The must-haves: tight TIGHT pants, converse, hair gel. As for the top, you can either wear a leather jacket or you can wear a denim vest over a band tee. The denim vest is an easy DIY of cutting the sleeves off of a thrifted denim jacket. One of my favorite pieces in my closet is a thrifted denim jacket that I cut the sleeves off of, take it from me you will wear this again. To go the extra mile, stud it up, add some safety pins, pin a graphic on the back, and add baby buttons of your favorite bands all over the place. Spike your hair, throw on some fingerless gloves and you’re ready.



Why not take advantage of those overalls you just bought (thanks to the overalls “boom” that hit this year) and incorporate them into your costume. (Bonus: They also apply to the Zombie, TLC or Nerd costumes). Simply put a straw hat on with your overalls and you’re costume is complete. Added accessories can be a handkerchief, a stick of hay for your mouth, blacked out teeth or a moonshine jug.

Some other costumes that incorporate denim: A big-little kid, Johnny Depp in Cry Baby or any of the dudes in Grease, 50s girl with cuffed jeans, and a Canadian tuxedo.

What are you planning on being for Halloween this year? Any DIYs or denim? Let us know in the comments!