4 Halloween Outfit Ideas

Lorna’s Look

Halloween is just three days away and if you haven’t thought about your outfit yet, we are here to help. We put together a round up of outfits that involve denim last week, which you can see here, but if you are looking for something a little different, you might be interested in these looks. Each of us here has styled an outfit that we love for Halloween, but they aren’t all centered around denim.

For my outfit above, I wanted to go with something classic for Halloween which is why I opted for the black cat. This is the outfit that I’m wearing (with slight variations) and I think it’s definitely a staple look for the holiday! There is something sexy about being a cat, often as it reminds people of Cat Woman. I styled a pair of J Brand leather leggings in Noir with some knee high black boots and a black body top. The accessories are the key to this costume, so you can choose between a cat face mask or some simple ears on a headband, but definitely don’t forget the tail! The bow tie just makes it more classic as well, it’s the look of a sophisticated cat. To add a little colour and take the attention away from the black, I chose a bright red lipstick and nail polish, however you can also opt for long satin black gloves for that extra oomph if you decided on a short sleeve top.

Jonathan’s Look

I am obsessed with turtlenecks on women this season, so choosing Jo Stockton from Funny Face was a no brainer for me this year. I chose a pair of cropped Helmut Lang jeans as my choice of denim, then paired them with a Vanessa Bruno turtleneck and some Saint Laurent slippers. The nights will be cold, so I wanted to add a jacket and chose a camel one that was similar to the one that was in the film by A.P.C. As this is a character that is played by Audrey Hepburn, I wanted to add a bit of her in with her signature cat eye sunglasses, so to finish the look off, I went with some sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Jennifer’s Look

For my Halloween look, I thought I would go with something a bit different that could easily be recreated using pieces found in most closets. I felt this Indiana Jones inspired look fit the bill perfectly. For the base of the outfit, I used a pair of Paul Smith Khaki jeans, which are a great darker khaki color. I added a white button down, tan leather boots, and a leather jacket to the look. The cross body bag, tan hat, and lasso complete the look.

Chanelle’s Look

I recently chopped my hair and haven’t NOT had bangs since 2006, so Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction seemed appropriate. It’s easy, comfortable and most importantly, iconic, so you can’t go wrong with this costume. I’ll be twisting the night away in this business casual costume, how about you?