Pierre Balmain Spring 2014

I will admit that the Pierre Balmain line had me unenthusiastic since its inaugural collection, personally. It wasn’t the pieces themselves, but more of the way they were presented and styled that I felt wasn’t up to par of the brand itself and more of Balmain. To keep the explanation short and simple, it is the Cara Delevingne to sister Poppy Delevingne in my mind. Two completely different takes on fashion, but with intertwining pieces.

This season was a full 180 from what was. It is back to what I love about the brand that stood out, like the ’90s silhouettes and punk aesthetic. Everything from the suede jackets to the sequined tank dress to the leather pants and more, felt tough again and nonchalant. To say the least, I am a fan again. You can see the new collection below.