Liu Wen in Rag & Bone RBW23 Leather Pants in Black

Model Liu Wen was spotted making her way to the shows during Fashion Week in New York. The Est├®e Lauder spokesmodel wore a pair of the Rag & Bone RBW23 Leather Pants with some red suede loafers and a sweatshirt with the Tasmanian Devil.

This is one of those cases when I find Christmas colors to work well when paired together. Usually I would find it too much, but by having the black pants break it up is what makes it work in my opinion. Would you ever wear red and green together? Click here to purchase Rag & Bone at Shopbop.


  1. I agree, I don’t usually go for green and red in those shades together, if their darker it’s generally okay, but with the black in between she pulls it off. I have to say I LOVE the red suede shoes, my favorite of the whole outfit!