Denim Review: R13 Skinny Jeans in Black

This is my first review in quite some time. R13 has always been a brand that I wanted to try since they launched a few years back because the vibe of the brand really speaks to me. From the material to the wash, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package and put on the jeans. Click inside to see my thoughts on this style.

Like I said earlier, the gritty grungy vibe of the brand really speaks to me personally. With their jeans there is contradicting imperfection to them when it comes to their signature details that in a way makes them a really awesome pair of jeans, like the belt loops. There is one that is off compared to the others, it’s undone and not clean like the rest.

I would say that these jeans are true to size. I took them in a 27 and they fit me at the waist like many of the other jeans that I own. When I held them up, I thought they would be way to small, but I was proven wrong when I put them on. They completely stretch and mold to your legs with a slight slouch at the hip area and do not lose their shape. I wore them all three days the past weekend and did attempt to stretch them out as they felt more like leggings at times, but to no avail. I would say that is a plus as many of us look for pairs that do not stretch out.

One brand that comes to mind right away to compare them to is Citizens of Humanity, but more true to size as I go up one to a 28 in their Avedon fit. The waist is true to size, but in comparison to the hip to leg ratio of other jeans, this pair by R13 is slimmer and give a really slimming effect to the legs.

The rise is around 7 1/2 to 8 inches that gives enough coverage and, I personally, still feel comfortable in them. The length is probably one of my favorite part of these jeans. At 30 inches they are perfect for me as they have just enough bunching at the ankles, but that may be due to the tightness of the legs when I think back.

The material is also really great. My thought of them being stiffer denim was thrown out the window right away. The main reason I thought this was due to the wash. It is one that is very much like naturally worn pairs that are in the 98%-100% cotton area and it was hard to believe that that can be achieved with a material this stretchy. The way they got this wash will forever amaze me because of how good the details are on this kind of denim. It is also in the top three of the softest jeans that I have ever tried. They can be worn all day and feel as though you are wearing sweatpants more than actual jeans.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these jeans and can see why they are favorites of Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The comfort level of them is really amazing and the wash just makes them better. Size up for a slouchier fit or stick to your true size for a super skinny/legging fit. You can click here to purchase these jeans from LaGarconne.

Jeans Courtesy of R13.