A Look at MAGIC: New Denim Brands to Take Note of

I feel like I’ve done the DB audience an injustice by never creating an article about MAGIC that highlights new and upcoming denim brands. I’ve done some highlights, my experience at MAGIC and a thorough explanation of the week, but nothing ever fully concentrating on denim.

Well, here I am to bring you the latest and greatest, first hand. I found some great brands this season and revisited a few old favorites as well. I feel like I got a great variety including pre existing brands that debuted a new line, older brands coming out with a completely new look, new brands doing awesome things and brands that are consistently killing it every season. I’ll start off with new brands I discovered, this season for part 1. Here we go!

Raw & Dirty

As I was walking through Agenda, I found Raw and Dirty. Stemming from Ecko and emerging with a completely different aesthetic, Raw and Dirty is your HQ for all raw denim (hence the name). What attracted me to the booth was the wall to wall raw denim in a rainbow of colors which I’ve never seen before.I love a good pair of raw denim jeans because they are durable, of amazing quality, and look crispy every time you wear them. You can dress them up or down and they are truly a closet staple and I love that they made this line as an ode to the raw denim game.

Raw and Dirty didn’t just give you raw denim pants, they had accessories, button ups and even hats, all of them coming in a variety of colors. The line had a swagger to it that stood out and could make any guy look like he amped up his style game. Be on the lookout for this super cool brand.

Prospective Flow

Next up: Prospective Flow. Made in LA by the nicest Japanese team you could find, Prospective Flow offers a variety of styles that I’ve never seen which is what lured me into their booth (hence the overalls pictured above). One thing about these trade shows and being a blogger/writer is that people really want nothing to do with you. I get it, you want to make the sales, but the team at Prospective Flow were the warmest, most welcoming group of people there and I almost didn’t want to leave because I felt right at home.

As you can see, they have an amazing group of button up denim shirts, each with a different treatment or design and I can honestly say I haven’t seen anything like this out there. They also concentrated on vests which I think is unique and they nailed it with those overalls. Of course, they had an amazing selection of jeans in a assortment of styles and colors, but for this denim line, the jeans took a backseat (to me at least). What I also loved about this line is that it’s pushing boundaries without being over the top and each of the pieces are one hundred percent statement pieces. Good design, good people and made locallyÔǪ you can’t go wrong.

Crosby Denim

Crosby Denim was another brand that caught my eye. That denim vest brought me to the booth and had me hooked. They had some great styles, washes and cuts and above are my favorites, not to mention their white denim is perfection. A little background on the brand, Ron Gelfuso whom started Mavi Jeans is the mastermind behind the brand and their awesome fits, and Howard Sheer is the owner and business person behind the line. Their great partnership is developing them into the brand to know. Launching for the first time this fall, they don’t have a website, but you can find them in stores around the country.

Of course there were a ton of new, amazing brands on the scene that I didn’t get a chance to touch on, but these all had something unique about them. I love when a brand’s values and concepts aren’t just skin deep, but are actually the core of the brand, and I think all of these have that. Be on the lookout for these great brands and get yourself some of your own Raw & Dirty, Prospective Flow and Crosby Denim jeans!

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    Roelie de Heus
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