A Look at MAGIC: A Few of DenimBlog’s Favorite Brands

As you know, I found some great brands this season and revisited a few old favorites as well. I feel like I got a great variety of coverage including pre existing brands that debuted a new line, older brands coming out with a completely new look, new brands doing awesome things and brands that are consistently killing it every.season. I’ve shared the new brands on the scene and now to touch on some DB faves and what they had to offer this season.

One thing I did this season that I failed to remember last year, is ask each brand what trends they were focusing on this season and the answer was very intriguing. After a few seasons of crazy prints, different uses of fabric, studs, leather, contour seams, colors and anything else you can think of putting on denim, all the brands had the same answer: bringing it back to the classic pair of blue jeans. Each booth still had some prints or a mix of fabrics for those who aren’t ready to go back to classic, but as for the rest of the line goes, it was blue jeans. No studs, no laser etching, no crazy stitching, just blue jeans being blue jeans. The fun thing was even the booths were toned down a bit.

Hudson always goes FULL OUT with their booth offering a buffet of food, champagne, a DJ, the campaign slapped all over the place and couches to sit on (all of which are always a treat in my opinion). Yes, some of these things stayed, but it was as if it shed its crazy exterior and was presenting what the core of the brand is…a classic and modern approach to denim. The booth was black and white, had the hashtag across the walls, a DJ and champagne and that’s it. It really made you focus on what the line has to offer and made you feel like you were taking a step with them into the new trends in denim. This season, all the lines were back to experimenting with washes, raw denim, salvage edges and some fresh cuts. I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up the skinny, but I also saw a few bell bottoms in there as wellÔǪGASP.


Ever since I met Michelle Siwy at Coachella last year I have loved her brand. She was the absolute sweetest and the jeans I copped at the party have quickly become my favorite pair of jean shorts. I was so happy to see Siwy at the shows and although Michelle herself is no longer part of Siwy, the team was nice as to take me through some new stuff they got going on this year. These splatter paint jeans? YES. And those tight jeans with zippers? YES. I loved what they had for the upcoming seasons and they too, were bringing it back to a classic blue jean. I like Siwy because they push the boundaries and bring an edge to denim that no one else seems to have.

Frankie B.

As I was walking down the never ending isles of Project and ENK, I stumbled upon Frankie B. jeans. I remember when that was the only pair of jeans I wanted because they were the “it” jeans of the moment. To see them at the show, completely revamped, made me so happy. They had amazing new styles like the striped jeans with leather overall straps (swoon) and other pairs playing with fabrics and textures (cough, velvet stripes, cough). Of course they had your classic blue jean and other denim items, but the jeans above really stood out to me. I LOVED the unique black and white print and the pair of jeans with mesh and zig zag paneling was a fun approach to a new style. The team was super nice and really brought their A game to the show.

Sold Design Lab

Sold Design Lab has been around for a few years, but is new to me and I can honestly say they are everything I could ever want in a denim company. California based and comfortable as ever, Sold Design Lab has everything from chambray tops to 70s inspired jean shorts (my fave and shown above). Highlights of the collection? Checkered Chambray tops, cool contour seams, unique studs and creative use of paneling. In the Sold Design Lab booth there wasn’t too much color which was really refreshing. They too wanted to bring denim back to the basics and they did it well. Sold Design Lab is sold in stores such as Kitson, Madison and American Rag.


Oh Hudson, one of my favorite booths to visit at the trade shows. Not only do they always welcome me with open arms, but they consistently have a visually appealing booth and their line always has me wanting it all. I can honestly say Hudson is one of my favorite denim lines right now and they did not disappoint this season.

This season, aside from bringing everything back to your classic, blue jean denim they also were inspired by Jimi Hendrix. I’m a sucker for anything 60s/70s, so I was immediately dying over the jean shorts with gold trim on the sides inspired by Jimi’s jacket and style. Not only did they bring it back in time with embellishments, but they went all the way and brought back an amazing pair of bell bottoms. The modern approach to them was the unfinished seams and no waistband (hello, Mariah Carey circa 2000). I’m not sure if I’m ready for bell bottoms to come back yet, but when I saw these, I was ready.

Although Hudson was trying to break away from crazy prints and fabrics, they did have a few to tie into the theme of Jimi Hendrix, which of course I LOVED. The color palette was truly unique and the print? Jimi Hendrix inspired. I love seeing what Hudson is inspired by and what they bring to the table every season and I love every season more than the last. I don’t know how they keep doing it, but they really have a good thing going over there.

Well folks, that wraps up my MAGIC trip and all of its findings. I really hope you liked everything as much as I did. This coverage should get you ready for Fall and Spring so you are on top of the denim trends. Until next year MAGIC!