New Printed Styles From SOLD

Inspired by the Hawaiian beaches and summer sun, SOLD Design Lab has released two amazing prints for their current collection! One is a photograph of the beach in Hawaii, while the other is a collage of sunglasses. SOLD didn’t only do beach scenes though, the brand has also released a reflective city scape, which I think is just as gorgeous. You can read each of the three slogans below for the three styles. Which do you like the most?

ÔÇó Leave your sunglasses at home? The sunglass soho skinny jean comes outfitted with colorful sunglasses dancing up and down the legs; perfect for an afternoon picnic.

ÔÇó Got the urge to spend a day walking downtown? Low-riding, light-washed skinny jeans protruding with NYC high-rise skyscrapers are a perfect compliment to your urban fashionista persona.

ÔÇó What would summer be without a stop to Hawaii? Time to get the lounger ready as you showcase your new palm tree printed pants. Soak up some sun and become one with nature.

You can purchase the jeans as well as their other styles online at their website by clicking here. Which pair do you like the most? I think I love the beach print! But I do love the city scape as well!