Denim & Chambray Shirts

1st row – Joe’s Jeans, Shine & Pierre Balmain 2nd row – R13 & Levi’s 3rd row – Topshop, Topshop and Topshop.

Denim shirts are as popular as normal button up shirts and can be worn in so many ways. I would personally say that the denim shirt is now on the same level as the denim jacket for popularity and I am so glad that it is. I own many denim shirts myself and find that there are so many different ways to wear them. You can opt for the double denim route with jeans or shorts, you can wear them over dresses in a boyfriend way or you can wear them tighter and tucked into skirts or of course with leggings.

The best thing about denim shirts at the moment though is the amount of styles you can choose from. You can choose them cropped, fitted, oversized, patchwork, patterned, lace, coloured, ombre, heavyweight denim, lighter chambray, colour blocked and of course embellished. I have found a few amazing denim and chambray shirts and put them together for this post. I literally think there is something for everyone here as I have chosen a really eclectic mix of styles. How many of you love denim shirts?

1st row – State & Lake, Madewell , State & Lake 2nd row – Topshop & Topshop.

I thought I would give some styling inspiration on how I wear mine as well. One way to make a denim shirt look classic is to pair it with a pair of good fitting skinny jeans and a blazer, it really smartens up the look. You can use a plain, lighter washed denim or chambray shirt for this, but I went with ombre on mine for a bit of quirk.

Another way is to pair a fitted denim shirt with high shine leggings. I like this look a lot as I feel like the bright blue of the denim shirt really compliments the shiny black of the leggings, it’s a good mix of shapes and textures.

I also love wearing oversized and baggy boyfriend shirts with normal leggings. It sort of reminds me of the 80’s or a painters outfit, but I really like it a lot. It’s something that’s super casual and very easy to wear on a daily basis!

Written by Lorna Burford


  1. Hi Annie, thank you! It’s from River Island men’s department a couple of years ago actually. If you google it, you might be able to find it, men’s ombre denim shirt.