3 Ways To Wear The TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Cooper in Black/White Stripe

Another incarnation of the TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Cooper jeans has been born. This time in black and white stripes for fall. I just cannot get tired of them because they fit so well and the details are bold without feeling overwhelmed. Since they are one of my favorites and I styled just about every other version of them, why not add a new one to the mix? See all of the looks I came up with below.

I wanted to do one look that was fun by mixing prints. When done right, I think, leopard and stripes do work together very well. The key in my opinion for mixing these prints together is by keeping one or the other subtle or classic. I decided to go subtle and go with a burgundy leopard printed shirt from Burberry. As the combination of these two prints together can feel very punk, I wanted to play up that theme a bit more. Balenciaga also has a new take on their Cienture boots that I thought would bring in the punk vibe some more. I then finished it off with a studded belt from Burberry and backpack from Saint Laurent.

Sarah Jessica Parker was a slight influence on this look when I was putting it together. She mixed two different types of stripes together and I could not get the look out of my head. So I decided to do my take on it by pairing the jeans with a horizontal striped t shirt from Proenza Schouler. To help tone it down a bit, I added a jacket from BLK DNM because it is also another obsession of mine. Then finished it off with classic pumps by Saint Laurent and aviators by Elizabeth and James to help bring a classic appeal to the look.

As mixing prints is not for everyone, I wanted to do one look that had the print of the jeans be the focal point. I didn’t want to keep it monochrome as the previous look was black and white, so an olive green shirt by Equipment was the shirt of choice. I wanted to keep most of the accessories classic, like the belt by Isabel Marant and bag by Jerome Dreyfuss. But there is always room to amp up a look and my choice to do that is a pair of sandals by Alejandro Ingelmo to finish it off.

– So whether you are a print mixer or prefer to only wear one at a time, you’ll discover that there is a versatility in striped jeans that you may have never noticed before.