Vanessa Hudgens in Wildfox Friday Night Shorts

Back from promoting her new movie Frozen Ground in Europe, Vanessa Hudgens was spotted leaving her house in Los Angeles, California. The actress wore a pair of shorts that we have not seen in quite a while, the Wildfox Friday Night Shorts.

Vanessa is a huge fan of Wildfox as we have seen her wear everything from their sweaters to these shorts and some of their jeans when they launched a couple of years back. I wonder if we will be seeing her wear a pair from the new collection designed by Michelle Siwy as well? They have some jeans that I think would suit her style very well. Click here to purchase the new Michelle Siwy designed collection from the Wildfox website.

One Comment

  1. i doubt she was spotted, this is a photo opp This was planned and these jeans are worth abot $0.90 and I can get them for you ALL DAY LONG…