New Styles by J Brand

The past few seasons, J Brand has become even more bold with their styles. The new additions this time around are their new Irina leather pants, Pull-On leather leggings and their classic L8001 leather pants in new shades.

First the Irina, these are a new style that will be dropping late July. They have their classic black leather skinny with piecing details of leather in a subtle yet contrasting shade of grey along the outer seam and knee area to give a moto look to them. Unlike their classic L8001, these have a zipper at the hem of the inseam.

Also new this season are their new Pull-On leather leggings. The pull on style is one that is becoming more prominent by J Brand (they also come in denim). These are as classic as a leather legging can get. No zippers, no pockets, just a simple clean style.

Now for the style that still has everyone raving, the L8001, their classic 4 pocket style. The new additions this season are a dark charcoal color and a bold blue that they have dubbed Blueberry. Which ones are you looking forward to trying?