LOOK BOOK: Ziggy Denim Spring 2013

TRASHIN’ FASHION! That’s the slogan for the new Spring 2013 collection from Melbourne based brand Ziggy Denim. Just so you are aware, this is equivalent to an upcoming Fall collection as the seasons are different to ours in Australia. The new collection draws inspiration from Ziggy’s tendency to leave a trail of destruction after a Friday night out. I love the acid wash style denim dress and the denim shirt with mesh sleeves above! You can see the full collection in the gallery below and you can read the press release as well. Do you like the new Ziggy Denim collection?

Feeling pretty messy, Ziggy Denim took a bottle of bleach, a pair of scissors and created chaos with a stack of new trashed washes: ÔÇÿMr Trash Bag’, ÔÇÿAsh Trash & Bashed’ and ÔÇÿUsed & Ablused’. These cuts feature tasty, washed out, worn in, slouchy denim that will have you feeling first class filthy!

Drawing on Ziggy’s hectic hormones has helped create a selection of stand out unisexy prints: ÔÇÿShark Attack’, ÔÇÿShark Bait’ and ÔÇÿSuper Creep’. You will no doubt be making out with the perfect catch before the first goon of fortune wheel is spun. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, this season’s comfy new boyfriend fit, the ÔÇÿSlack Ass’, features in the distressed wash ÔÇÿBlack Magic Trashed’. For the not so trashy gents, Ziggy Denim has cleaned it up and introduced a new two-piece suit titled ZQ, starring ÔÇÿIndigone’ and ÔÇÿGo Get Em Green’. Collection staple, the super-skinny ÔÇÿSticks & Bones’ jean and short are back in delicious spring flavours and for the same juicy price! Suit them up, dress them down, cross-dress, undress… there will be a party in your pants this spring!

Written by Lorna Burford