Denim Review: G-Star Denim Dunagrees Overalls in It Aged

This weeks denim review is a little different to usual as I’m reviewing a pair of dungarees/overalls. I actually purchased these G-Star Denim Dungarees/Overalls in It Aged on ASOS last week in the sale. I love the trend and I prefer the updated version with skinny legs like these.

When I first saw these online, the first thing that attracted me to them was the wash. It’s called It Aged, but it’s like a cross between a subtle acid wash and a beautiful faded blue with whiskers. It’s lighter in certain areas like the knees and front of the thighs as well as the butt, to represent natural fading as those are the places which wash out the quickest with wear. I don’t tend to wear a lot of G-Star jeans simply because I’m not really into heavy branding, however these couldn’t be more subtle. For G-Star they are as minimal as you can get. There are no patches and logos (other than the main back waist band patch) that state the brand, so that’s why I really like them. Subtlety is key when it comes to overalls I think, so they aren’t in your face and overpowering.

These run in sizes S, M, L and XL, so I took size S and hoped for the best. I wasn’t sure how they ran in comparison to sizes like 26, 27, 28 etc, but thankfully the S fitted me. My usual size is size 27 and these represent that size. So if you are about a 26/27 I would say take the size S and you should have a perfect fit. These are designed to be slouchy, so they are like a very slim boyfriend jean on the legs and butt, but the top half is fitted. If you would prefer a more slouchy fit then I would say size up one to an M if you are my size.

The suspenders/bracers are made of fabric and they can go longer or shorter. I have these on the shortest length possible, but because I’m not really tall, they are quite baggy at the back. I could probably do with taking about 2 more inches off the length of the main strap at the back. That would be ideal as it’s quite loose. If I could criticize them it would be for this reason. Considering these are on the shortest length available and they are still baggy, but they can be made much much longer, is sort of silly in my opinion. They should have made them shorter so they fit correctly when the straps are at a middle length, so then you can make them shorter or longer, depending on what you need. That would have been much better. The way you can make them longer or shorter is with a metal section, a lot like a bra strap, so the fabric folds in on itself. Very easy to do.

These overalls are stretchy too, the denim is soft and elasticated, so they are very comfortable. I don’t find them the most flattering on the butt though, simply because they are designed like a boyfriend jean and slouchy, so the back pockets are placed further apart than what I like, but I think with some more wear, these will stretch out more and fit looser, so they will look a little more settled. The top part is also lined, so on the inside of it there is a cream coloured fabric to make everything neat. Although this can look a little bit odd if you want to wear them with the top area and straps hanging down.

I really do love these, especially from the front. I think they look great with the skinny leg and very updated. The trend of dungarees and overalls is usually with a baggy fit and a wider leg, however these look much more current and on trend. That’s what I like about them. I also like that they don’t have denim at the back and just have the straps. I felt quite conscious in just a cropped top, with the back on show, but I do tend to prefer the overalls look with cropped tops and not longer sleeved sweaters underneath because that can look quite old fashioned. These also have buttons on the side so you can pull them on easily and the inseam is quite short too, they hit around my ankles as you can see. If anyone would like any measurements on these, just let me know! Purchase these in the sale at ASOS for ┬ú98.

Written by Lorna Burford