Denim Review: Denim of Virtue 8002 Skinny Jeans in Brown

I want to apologise for not reviewing anything for a little while, I haven’t actually had anything that I needed to review, combined with being busy in Italy for a while and catching up since, but this weeks review is on a pair of Denim of Virtue 8002 Skinny Jeans in Brown.

This is the first time I have tried out Denim of Virtue and I can definitely say I am impressed. I didn’t have any expectations before trying them, so I had a clean mental slate to work with. When I first tried them on though, I noticed how soft they are against the skin. They are really comfortable and gentle on the skin of your legs, so they are definitely a pleasure to wear. I made sure to wear them for the entire day, like I do with my jeans for reviews, so I can really test them out. I can say that these didn’t stretch out, lose their shape or anything like that from a full days wear. They just moulded to my body shape a bit and settled down.

The fit of these, as you can see from the photos, is a lower to mid rise super skinny jean. They feel more like a thicker jegging though as they are super stretchy, but are more durable than the thinner material jeans. If I could compare them to any other pair of jeans on the market, I would say they feel a lot like the Koral skinny jeans I have in Merlot, if you have tried them. The difference with these Denim of Virtue skinny jeans though is the back pockets. I quite like the signature pattern on them and they are positioned central, but for my butt, they are a bit too long and a bit too widely spread apart to be as flattering as I like. You can see from the photo below what I mean. I generally like my pockets a bit shorter and closer together, to get the most flattering fit for myself. They aren’t awful by any means, but just not my best ones.

I probably own about 1 pair of brown jeans, this now making my second pair, and I think it’s a great colour to work with. I know it’s mainly considered to be a Fall/Autumn shade, but I don’t usually pay much attention to the seasonal colours. I think these work just fine in the Summer, if you pair them right! It’s quite a dark and deep brown, with some red undertones to it, so it’s more of a warmer brown in some lights, but a darker brown in others. I would say it’s definitely quite versatile if you stick to the warmer shades or neutrals for your other clothes.

I took my regular size of 27 in these and they fit me perfectly, so they are definitely true to size in comparison to brands like Paige, Koral and Rag & Bone. They also do have functional front pockets and are not itchy on the skin. Overall, I would definitely say that I like these a lot for a brown pair of jeans. Like I mentioned above, they don’t have the best back pockets for my body shape, but I’m sure for others, they will fit really well. The comfort factor, stretch and ease of wearing definitely out ways that for me though! When I say they are comfortable, I mean I could probably sleep in them and be happy about it. These jeans will soon be available on the Denim of Virtue E-Commerce, which launched this Monday, so keep an eye out! They retail for $220.

Jeans courtesy of Denim of Virtue.
Written by Lorna Burford