Ashley Olsen in TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Johnny in Onyx

Mary-Kate Olsen wasn’t the only one wearing a their favorite TEXTILE Elizabeth and James Johnny jeans in Onyx to catch a flight out at LAX, Ashley also wore the current staple for the twin sisters as well. Ashley kept her’s in the signature slouchy fit that she has been been donning since she was first caught in them with some loafers, a boyfriend blazer and a printed shirt.

In other Olsen news, I am really excited to see Elizabeth Olsen’s new film, Oldboy. I thought the storyline was really twisted and nothing what I would have expected. Going by the trailer that was recently released, it seems like it may be a tad more action packed than the original, but that might have to do with the soundtrack. You can click here to see the trailer and here to purchase TEXTILE at Shopbop.