3 Ways to Wear the J Brand Nicola Leather Pants

I feel as though leather pants have become season-less and that you can wear them anytime throughout the year with just a bit of tweaking here and there. Two people that come to mind are Miranda Kerr and Rosie Hunting-Whiteley, who are constantly caught in their leather trousers with everything from knits to lightweight tanks.

One of the new leather pants that I just get more fond of each day are the J Brand Nicola Leather Pants, which were just released. They have ribbing on the knees, which is new for J Brand. They are a brand that has never really ventured into heavy details, but these are strong, yet still feel subtle, while keeping true to the evolving J Brand soul.

For this look, I wanted to go for something very prim and show that leather pants don’t always have to be styled edgy. I paired them with a shirt by Topshop, flats by Repetto, and a bag from Marni. I then finished it off with sunglasses by Linda Farrow. I would say that this look is heavily influenced by Miranda Kerr’s personal style; she is someone who has styling leather pants in a very feminine, yet smart way, down packed.

This look is one that would work well for something like a casual meeting during the day and work through the night. The pants are styled with a camisole by Band of Outsiders, a blazer from Topshop, then I kept it simple with a pair of pumps and bag by Saint Laurent. I thought even though the ribbing can run on very masculine, they somehow made me think of floral camisoles and how well they compliment each other. You can wear this look without the jacket, but I felt like it needed something to help pull it together in a way that a blazer does with any look.

With the details, these pants easily venture into edgy territory. I decided to pair them with a t shirt by Topshop, a pair of Chucks by Converse, some Stella McCartney sunglasses and finished it with a backpack from Barbara Bui. I would say that this is the Kristen Stewart/Cara Delevingne look. They are two that opt for easy day-to-day looks without any thought behind them.

-Which is your look? Prim, Breezy, or Street?