10 Jeans Under $100

We’re all on budget these days, but as far as I’m concerned, your style doesn’t have to suffer because of it. Yes, I believe that jeans are something that are worth the investment and that everyone should have at least one pair of high end denim in their closet, but the other pairs can most definitely be a “smaller investment”.

I’ve scouted the internet for 10 RAD pairs of jeans that are all under $100. Shocking, I know, and surprisingly not all of them are fast fashion companies either. For these pairs of jeans, the word “cheap” refers to the price and not the quality for a change and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my list. That’s right, you can get your quality on with a relieving price tag to match.

I’ve also included a wide variety of styles, from colors and prints to skinnies and boot leg. There is truly a style and price for everyone in here. If you don’t like a color or print, be sure to check if the company offers any more options because a lot of them do! Happy budget shopping!

1. Topshop $76
2. YMI Jeans $48
3. Big Star $89
4. Levi’s $88
5. Lucky Brand $99
6. Motel Rocks $50
7. Cheap Monday $58
8. Forever21 $29.80
9. RVCA $90
10. RVCA $59.50