Sarah Jessica Parker in Level 99 Micro Suede Janice in Irish Cream

Sarah Jessica Parker was pictured while out on the school run in the West Village area of New York City with her children.

Sarah wore a pair of Level 99 Micro Suede Janice Ultra Skinny Jeans in Irish Cream with a cream waterfall blazer and gold flats. I really think Sarah has such a vast collection of jeans, she’s seen in so many different brands and styles! I love it! Buy these online from Mfredric for $110.

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  1. Its odd, the cuff thing but everyone seems to be picking up on it! Look at Selma Blair’s recent pic!

  2. It’s not the cuffing that I find odd, it’s sort of her entire look these days.
    This outfit isn’t actually that bad but other outfits have her looking like a bag lady, take a look at the latest post with her on this blog and she’s cuffed with socks and wooden sandals and something slouchy.