Rihanna in a Miu Miu Denim Trench Coat

Rihanna pushed her way through a swarm of excited fans as she made her way into San Carlo restaurant in Manchester, England.

Rihanna wore a Miu Miu denim trench coat from the spring 2013 runway collection over a red patent skirt, a grey t-shirt and paired it all with her Christian Louboutin Pigalles. What are your thoughts on this coat? It’s a little bit too much denim for myself personally, but Rihanna makes it work.

Images courtesy of Pacificcoastnews.com.


  1. Almost but not quite for me. I kind of like it though. To me something like this has to be super crisp and the bottom hem just seems like too much fabric. It works with Rihanna but I think it would look better with a shorter skirt, it seems like the two lengths are competing. I think because its so big whatever you wear underneath should be very tailored or figure flattering to balance it all out.