khloe kardashian rag bne distressed jeans 2

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  1. I love Klohe, she is the best! She loves animals and most importantly she loves herself now!
    (my personal favorite) kindred get 100 gold stars but Chloe has to get 800 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟gold stars! She’s just a real person!
    Her book was very inspiring and the beauty inside her
    shines like a big beacon of love ❤️ & light! Her inner beauty is just maybe too intimidating for men to actually where I asked upon the realness of her soul!
    Yes, big & kind hearted-I love the leather jacket without the zipper I wish that she would make that so that we ( the size 16’s) could buy that jacket!!!
    Been looking for it everywhere-haven’t seen one .. .🙏🏼
    God bless you and all of your family! I cannot exercise like you can, I fell off of my home here and have an operation which caused permanent nerve damage in my ankle! i’m in very young 66 and I’m pretty and I want to do things but I feel like a freak- mostly have to use a walker! I can use a cane but need to hold on to someone arm!
    I think your parents are fabulous as are all ur siblings!
    I miss Kaitlyn, I hope she is OK, my son is 33 and transgender he is a male in a female body, this is not a new thing, American Indians had transgender and they were called “dual spirit “they were excepted and they were respected and they were considered healers and balanceets of the earth.
    It may be because of the two different hormones flowing through these days, on the trans people who were not allowed to change as children and causes depression and they tend to be suicidal.
    I know you are spiritually evolved and since you are I think you will understand they are just people not weird
    my first husband marry me and didn’t tell me just like kind of what happened with Bruce and your mom a my first husband marry me and didn’t tell me just like kind of what happened with Bruce and your mom- this was back in the 1969 to 1970s ‘s-I thought he was weird. I made him go to a psychiatrist! The first thing the guy said to him was, “Well, you really blew that one didn’t you?” After 40 years of not speaking to him or knowing what happened – located his brother online … I told Bob I just want to say something nice to Jim and apologize for something I said to her is out I said remember my little girl when I brought your grandma’s wedding ring back and he says,”Yes,” Remember she was a little girl, Ellisa?” He says, “Yes, I remember her.”
    “I wanted to apologize to you for thinking you were weird back then I just didn’t understand-it must be my lesson in life, but I just want you to know I understand now, and Elisa is now Johan, a transgender person.” I totally get it that you were just born in the wrong body and I love my son with all my heart and he’s a good person…you are not less than- I have found that the LGBTQ community seem to be real and they are for helping anyone who needs it, even a straight people!” He told me his dad was going to lock him in an insane asylum then when he found out! I am so grateful to have my son alive, his roommate was killed in Oakland warehouse fire-the gohst ship- he usually comes for Christmas but he came for Thanksgiving this year and if he had not done that he would have gone to the concert and he would have displayed his art he is also a talented musician these people are so talented and so rejected and miss treated like outcasts! Seems there is good news on the horizon that was a program called, “STRUTS, after SLAY ( First one is in LA and hopefully opening Nother one in New York ) The first transgender models to be given! “Spegal Catalogue!” All just top done! There’s a shortage of men! All gorgeous women! The add said ithey had to qualify by being a certain height and weight-it didn’t mention whether they were to have a penis or not!
    This is a wonderful break through! I so get how your mom feels because I really felt that way myself -“Why didn’t you tell me before we got married?” “I tried!”
    My thought still said,”You didn’t try very hard!”
    He was very macho -an honest person just like Bruce/Kaitlyn but I think they were confused about it themselves! I t’s wonderful now that the children can
    transition early like that little jazz girl 😇
    I hope I can find some Klohe jeans that are long enough.
    You are One of those Earth Angels I think anyway thank you for everything you are my favorite.


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