j brand fw13 5


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  1. Seems that j brand is a sponsor of denimblog.com!!! There is touch j brand on this site. I think there are so much other brands who like to get the attention denimblog is giving to this brand.

  2. Yeah they are one of our sponsors, but that isn’t at all why they get so much exposure. The reason is because they are popular, we see a celeb in their jeans every single day so we post about it, like we do about Rag & Bone, COH, Levi’s etc, it just so happens that J Brand seems to be the brand that’s worn by most as it’s incredibly popular! I’ve been doing a press day post on every brand that I saw though when I was there. But we do give as much exposure to all the brands as possible, but since we are mainly a celeb orientated blog, we mostly post what the celebs are wearing and that does seem to be J Brand!

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