J Brand Autumn/Winter 2013 Women’s Press Day

One of my favourite brands to see when I get to attend the press days in London is definitely J Brand. I’m always intrigued to see what prints and styles they will be coming out with next and what will be a leading jean/pant for them that season. The Autumn/Winter 2013 collection was definitely very reminiscent of the season and there are some pieces here that I think you will love!

In the photo above, you can see a black and white crazy striped sort of geometric jean which I thought was really cool. I can definitely see someone like Gwen Stefani sporting those! Next to them is something inventive, it’s a pair of black leather skinnies, however at the outerseam there are studs underneath the leather, so they raise the leather up in small bumps to give a 3D effect. The next black pair along was a regular jean, but they had studs in patterns along the calves as you can see and the other 3 styles were fairly simple, you can just see what they look like as there isn’t much to describe for them.

As for the coloured jeans that J Brand usually release each season, they were quite sparse this time around and the overall theme was monochrome in black/grey/white and beige. There were a couple of jeans in colours, but these were primary red and primary blue, which you can see in images 4 and 5. I was quite suprised actually that brands are now starting to stray away from bold shades and reign it back into classics. I’m wondering what SS14 might be like!

Image number 8 is of a pair of jeans which are snake print in black and silver, but they also look like little diamonds up close. I thought those were pretty. Image 9 is a very cool purple and grey ombre jean, but in a much different way because they are printed too with tiny little abstract squares, which I think is a great new take on the trend. Image 10 is of one of their classic blue denim vests which I really liked and then in image 11 you can see some of their distressed blue boyfriend jeans as well as some darker and non distressed blue washes. I love their classics!

Image 12 is their classic black leather skinny pants which everyone loves. 13 is a new black skinny with metal style detailing around the knees which you can see. These are definitely different and remind me a lot of almost futuristic wear or robotic clothing. Then finally is the grey denim shirt which is a new take on the trend for the colder months and also a pair of grey jeans. I think this new Autumn/Winter 2013 collection from J Brand is definitely one of their most sophisticated. I can tell they went down a different route with this season because gone are the really loud and intense prints and they are replaced with some sleek and minimalistic styles. What do you think of the new collection? Do you like it? Comment and let me know your favourites!

Images belong to Lorna Burford/DenimBlog.com.
Written by Lorna Burford


  1. I’m still partial to the J Brand jeans that were on the market 4 to 5 years ago when they were emphasizing the clean and simple design philosophy however the nature of the fashion world revolves around change. All my J Brand jeans are the low rise 10 and 12 inch cuts I still love wearing regularly. In the last 3 or 4 years I have gravitated towards the skinnies by 7FAM especially their ones with the metallic and coated fabrics as more and more of them came on the market. Hope the metallic and coated trend continues from them.

  2. Oh the 910 fit from J Brand is my favourite skinny cut they have! I love it! Although I love the 901 legging as well, those are great! I think metallics are definitely popular during the holiday season, so I’m sure more will come out then and coated jeans are often popular for the colder months so I am sure we will see more of those too!

  3. Yeah the 910 fits me amazingly well and one of my favorites too because I like jeans that fit super tight all the way down to the hem. I even have some of the lesser known ones like the 1810 in super dark and the 91010 in ink of a less heavy fabric and they all have such flattering fits. Other things I like about them is they have actual front pockets and they go with just about anything. Recently they have released all kinds of other cuts and rises but I still rather wear the ones I already own. Never been a fan of embellishments that are more like fads coming and going. Hopefully they will still keep available some jeans remaining true to the clean and simple design philosophy that helped establish them as an enduring label despite their new design releases.

  4. Oh yeah, I’m not a fan of heavy embellishments as you know, like studs, sequins etc on the back pockets, it’s not my thing. And you know I love them super tight all the way down! I think that’s the best fit possible!

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