Genetic ‘Be You’ Campaign Project

Genetic (formally known as Genetic Denim) has relaunched their website and also brought out a brand new campaign called the ‘Be You’ Project. You can watch the very first video above and there will also be more to follow. You can see the newly designed site by clicking here and you can read some more information about the campaign below.

Since the brand’s conception, Genetic has set out to define itself as a state of mind, being and lifestyle, rather than just another clothing brand. Genetic’s vision adheres to a person’s genetic dna that helps shape and define the message to believe in oneself. With this in mind, the ideation and creation of the ‘Be You’ video project took placeÔǪ

Over the past few months Genetic has been on a journey to discover innovative, compelling and passionate women that embody self-discovery, self-awareness and self-acceptance. Through this video project Genetic hopes to give viewers an in-depth look into these fearless women and their daily lives, highlighting the various things/places/experiences/talents that are unique to them, and make up their “DNA”.

Over the years, Genetic has found that inspiration comes most from people that we encounter in our daily lives.

For the first ‘Be You’ video, Genetic has teamed up with artist and photographer, Tasya Van Ree, drawn to her because of her talent, vulnerability, and raw beauty. Through the video, Tasya gives viewers an honest look into her life and what makes her who she is.

The “Be You” video project will be an ongoing project carried out each season, showcasing several new talents from different backgrounds and all different walks of life with the same consistent message, to ÔÇÿBe You’.

Written by Lorna Burford

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