Denim Review: Koral Skinny Jeans in Dirty Destroyed

This weeks review is on a pair of Koral Los Angeles Skinny jeans in Dirty Destroyed. You may remember the very first time I introduced you all to Koral with an interview (click here) and my previous review on their Merlot skinny jeans (click here), which have made it to my top 5 jeans of all time, so I am quite excited to be reviewing another pair from the brand, this time opting for a classic blue.

First off, I am going to state that these are a sample jean, which should be a standard size 26, however my Merlot pair of Koral jeans are a size 27 and these fit exactly like the size 27. I’m not sure if these actually are a 26 and run a size large, or they are a 27 and have been miss placed. Most Koral jeans are true to size though so I am inclined to think these are true to size too. I am a huge fan of Koral jeans! As you know before when I introduced you to the brand, I had reservations at first due to them being a new brand, but those worries were completely squashed the moment I saw a pair of their jeans in person. They are absolutely amazing!

Koral pay so much attention to detail, from the singular rivet on the back pocket, the colour co-ordinated tab on the hem of the right leg, the perfectly positioned pockets and the gorgeous fit that they have, they are wonderful jeans. The rise is a mid to low rise and they are skinny all the way down to the hem as you can see. They aren’t like a super stretchy jegging, but they are a lightweight denim, in a super skinny, so they could pass as one, but they are definitely more jean like than jegging style. They are soft on the skin and really nice to wear. I wore these all day, twice, and they are comfortable and really nice to be in. These are an ankle skinny as they hit right at the ankle on me, which is great because usually ankle jeans are too long on me, so considering I am shorter, these are definitely going to be an ankle jean on most ladies with a 30″ inside leg measurement and taller. I’m pretty sure!

Now the Dirty Destroyed wash is what attracted me to trying these as I wanted to try out one of their blue jeans. Since I already have one of their skinnies, it was important to me to try something different. This wash is absolutely perfect for summer as it’s dirty with rusty tones on the distressed areas. They also have a washed out stone effect down the thighs and at the knees so they do look worn in and ripped, just like an older pair of jeans. I find these to be really authentic looking and this is something that’s really important to me. I’ve tried and seen jeans before with rips in random places and fades in others, which wouldn’t have happened naturally, so it just looks wrong. These on the other hand look right. They could easily pass as a worn in pair of jeans. I love the nice looking faded honeycombs behind the knees too.

I absolutely love these and I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say about them. I know a lot of you rely on my denim reviews each week and like to know what I think about certain jeans, and in all honesty, I can say that if you haven’t ever tried Koral before, then you definitely should. Everyone so far who has tried Koral after my recommendations has agreed with me that they are wonderful and want to buy more. I definitely think they are worth the money and they wouldn’t be a regrettable purchase either. If you only just want to try one pair then I insist you try the Skinny cut, just like these or in other colours. You will end up loving them and living in them, I’m sure. I can say this in all honesty as well since I’m never paid for reviews, they are all my own personal opinion on the jeans I have tried and own. Buy these jeans online at Neiman Marcus and you can buy other Koral jeans online at

Waist aligned – 15″
Rise – 7.5″
Hips – 17.25″
Mid thigh – 7.75″
Inseam – 28.75″ – 29″
Leg opening – 5.25″

Jeans courtesy of Koral.
Written by Lorna Burford


  1. Amazingly comfy, I can wear them all day everyday (which I do) and they are wonderful to wear. No restrictions, really stretchy, no itching, soft fabric etc.

  2. Hi Lorna!
    I would like to buy the same style fm Shopbop, but i am somewhat puzzled by the sizing….

    I usually wear size 25 or 26 (size 25 in Genetic Denim; size 25/26 in Paige Verdugo; size 25/26 in Current/Elliott depending on the style; size 25 in COH Avedon Slick)

    I have another pair of Koral, in 26, and they fit me well…does this stle fit one size larger?
    (Also, the measurements for size 26 given by Shopbop customer service to me are quite differnt from the ones listed here…)

    Thanks a lot!!

  3. Hi Clara! My guesses on these is that they are actually a 27. They don’t have a size label in them, and I was told they are a 26 because that’s the sample size they have. But I think that I was given an unmarked 27 as a sample by mistake, so I think they are probably true to size rather than running big, because if the Shopbop person gave you measurements of a 26 and they were smaller, I would say that you should go with that. If you have a Koral in 26, I would say get a 26! Can you return them easily if they don’t fit?

  4. Hi Lorna!
    Ok, thanks a lot for your feedback!!
    I’ll see what do do with them….- unfortunately, for European customers, their return policy is not convenient…so, it’s better to be really sure of the purchase…
    i agree with you with Koral denim – the quality and fit are great!!
    Thanks again for your help!!

  5. ….just to let you know thati finally got the jeans in size 26 and they fit perfect!
    I totally love this brand!! As a long time denim ‘collector’ i am impressed with the cut, the fabric and the attention for details – amazing!!

    Thanks again for your advice!!!

  6. Yes, they fit same as my other Koral (skinny in size 26)
    However, i found their size 26 to be a bit on the bigger side (i mean, the 25 would have fit me, but 26 is more confortable), i think it’s bcs of softness and quality the fabric..
    I read the same in some other reviews, too..