Denim Review: Dittos Jessica Skinny Jeans in Dirty Dog

My review this week is on a pair of Dittos Jessica jeans in Dirty Dog from the brands SS13 collection. It’s been a long time since I wore a pair of acid washed jeans and this is also actually the first time I have tried out Dittos. I’ve always liked some of their styles when I have seen them online and in look books, but I hadn’t ever got around to testing a pair out.

When I first got these, I tried to receive them without any pre-judgement, but when they are a lot cheaper than premium denim brands ($99), I wasn’t sure if they could really be the same quality and fit, so I was really quite pleasantly suprised by them. The Jessica is the brands jegging, which is quite low rise, super skinny and not too long in length. It’s one of those cuts that works for anyone who loves jeggings and lower rise jeans. As it turns out, I actually find them to be incredibly flattering.

What suprised me the most was the back pockets. I tend to find that brands that are cheaper don’t pay as much attention to detail when it comes to back pocket size and placement (apart from AE), but Dittos also do! They really do pay attention. The pockets are quite small, but not too small, I find them to be a nice size, and they are really well placed so they are flattering on the butt. As you can see from the photo below, they actually go with the curve of the butt and make it look rounded. So many times jeans can just be really tight and flatten your tush or the pockets are too high, too low, to wide etc and create a really unflattering illusion, but these don’t and I’m really happy about that.

This Dirty Dog wash is a different kind of take on acid wash though as it has a rustic tone to it, it’s not just acid, it’s also splattered, grated and patchy with rust rubbed in. The wash reminds me a lot of a pair of jeans you would wear to a junk yard and leave with them looking like this. They are really dirty (which I mean in an inventive way, not a negative one). I would say these are definitely seasonal though. Usually I’m not one for thinking jeans should only be worn during one season, but with this wash, I find it too easy going and too ‘festival’ to be worn during the winter time. I feel like they would really look out of place during the cold weather as the wash is better suited to pastel and neon tones and lesser clothing like tank tops. They just really have that summer vibe to them.

The denim itself isn’t of a super amazing premium quality, but then for the price I wouldn’t have expected that, so for their price range, they are very nice jeans. The denim is very light weight and more like the denim you would expect on a fashion pant rather than a classic blue. I wore these for quite some time and they didn’t really stretch out or lose their shape which is good, they are quite well made in that respect. I felt great wearing them though. Because the wash is really summery, they did make me smile when I put them on. It’s nice to wear acid wash jeans again actually as it has been such a while!

I took a size 27 in these and they fit me perfectly all over. I would definitely say they are true to size. They fit around the same as Paige Verdugo leggings or I would say Koral skinny jeans. They are great and I’m really happy that I got to try them because I will definitely be trying the brand more in the future with new washes. These jeans are made in China, so if you have a preference to where your jeans are made, keep that in mind. If I could find any negatives at all about these then it would probably be wanting the material to be a little sturdier and more premium, but nothing else. The best part about these though is that they are on sale at the moment! They are now reduced right down to $49! They do come with a little rose gold heart keyring too! You can buy these jeans online at Urban Outfitters.

Waist aligned – 15″
Rise – 7.25″
Hips – 16″
Mid thigh – 7.5″
Inseam – 31″
Leg opening – 4.6″

Jeans courtesy of Dittos.
Written by Lorna Burford