Acid Wash Jeans

As summer is pretty much here now, acid wash jeans are a great style to wear during the warmer weather. Many brands often bring out their acid styles around spring/summer and when I see them I always associate the grainy washed out tone with the beach and festivals. I think there is something about acid wash that just says ‘I’m casual’ and that makes them so easy to wear. They almost look like a really old pair of jeans which are so washed out and stained, you have been living in them for years.

Acid wash used to be so popular in the 80’s, but in the form of light blue and very light grey denim only. Brands today have upped the game and now release them in bright colours as well as prints, so there is something for everyone! I have piled together most of the acid wash jeans that I found while looking online and these also include cheaper options, so there is a mix for everyone! I know that not everyone wants to pay premium prices for fast fashion jeans which wont be worn often, which is why I’ve included a larger variety of options and price points in this post. My favourite pair from the whole collection has to be the M2F blue skinnies! That wash is amazing!

Topshop | On The Runway | Topshop

J Brand | Current/Elliott | J Brand | Current/Elliott

Topshop | River Island | New Look

Current/Elliott | M2F Brand Denim | Cheap Monday

Siwy Denim | Dittos | Rag & Bone

Written by Lorna Burford


  1. There were a lot of people who shunned the return of acid wash calling it a throwback to the 80s however I didn’t see anything wrong with the wash itself…it was just that many of the cuts back then weren’t as nice as they are today.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with it either, I think it’s just one of those things where people don’t like trends to come back around, they get funny about it because they remember how silly they looked all those years ago, but like you said, jeans are so much more flattering today, they fit amazingly so there isn’t anything wrong with updating the past trends to suit today’s trends!

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