Nicola Formichetti – The New Artistic Director For Diesel

Diesel has ignited yet another firestorm by appointing Nicola Formichetti to be the commander-in-chief of Diesel’s team. Starting with the Fall/Winter 2013 collection ‘the multifaceted, volatile, OTT stylist, designer and social media star’ will become the new artistic director of the brand. For those of you not familiar with Nicola’s work, you may know him better as Lady Gaga’s stylist!

“I finally met somebody as crazy as I am,” said Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel. “Nicola shares my vision and I find it incredibly inspiring to work with him: two creative planets are colliding to generate fresh, mad, insane ideas. With his help, I want to break more rules and bring the real Diesel to a new generation.”

“When Renzo asked me,” said Nicola Formichetti, the edgy young visionary, “I remembered that Diesel and I are all about the same things. No rules! It’s about being empowered, It’s about being free. It’s a positive revolution. We’re going to REBOOT! Hit refresh. That’s our first project: we’re ripping apart everything to re-build something bigger. I want to get the creative young people around the world to be part of the process.”

Nicola will also oversee all creative activities of the Diesel main line, including the areas of product, communications and interior design. He will bring his own interpretation to the Diesel way of living – unpredictable, original, fun – coordinating the existing Diesel Creative Team and his new fresh recruits from different fields.

Nicola started his new role with the DIESELREBOOT project on the 4th April and he plans to mobilize an emerging global creative community to collaborate with him. The project will live in the all-access zone of Tumblr, which is live now. You can see the progress and more by checking out the Diesel Tumblr here. I’m actually really interested in seeing how this will turn out. A lot of people are wondering how far he can go, like with Lady Gaga’s meat outfit, but I hope it doesn’t reach that extent. What are your thoughts?

Written by Lorna Burford