New Moto Vest by Citizens of Humanity

Vests are a controversial piece for me. Other than the classic menswear style, I find many can very easily make or break an outfit, but Citizens of Humanity came out with one of the coolest ones that I just couldn’t resist writing about. From the shape to the details, it has a feel that I just love.

The shape is something that I love most about it because it is very masculine and tough. It has a cocoon-ish shape which is something that I think every oversized vest should have. It’ll make your day-to-day look cooler, whether it be throwing it over something like a sweatshirt or plaid button-up or just a t shirt. I can definitely see this piece being favored by CoH fans like Drew Barrymore and Rihanna. You can click here to purchase this vest from Shopbop for $328.


  1. I actually just purchased this vest from Shopbop. I haven’t worn it yet, but it’s really cool! You’re right, it would look good over a sweatshirt.