Favourite Celeb Outfit Of The Week

It’s time to vote for your favorite celeb outfit of the past week. We’ve chosen the 6 best outfits from the past 7 days (Saturday – Friday) and you can vote for which celebrity you think looked the best!

Vote for your favorite outfit in the gallery below. As always, if you hover your mouse over the gallery images you will see a number followed by the name of the celebrity assigned to each image, so you can easily make your choice. Happy voting!

Which celebrity wore the best outfit this week?

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  1. I think maybe it’s time for a separate poll for models! Everything obviously looks so amazing on Rosie/Miranda/ lily that it’s simply unfair on everyone else. They make even Hollywood stars look average…

  2. I guess we count them as one as they are celebs and pretty much get featured on DB as much, if not more than the regular celebs. I can see what you are saying though!